Advisory Boards

Clinical Safety Advisory Board

The objective of the Safe-n-Medtech’s CSAB is to improve patient safety in the clinical investigations by allowing careful evaluation of the risk assessments and clinical protocols of medical devices and IVD developed within the project. An early consultation of this CSAB will help avoiding unnecessary complications and increasing the confidence that participating in clinical investigation procedures will make patients better not worse. On its current form, SafeNMT’s CSAB comprises 6 individuals including healthcare professionals with strong insights related to patient safety issues, researchers involved in the development of novel medical technologies and experts in health policy and regulatory affairs. This group constitutes the steering committee of the CSAB, that might incorporate additional members when evaluating specific products or indications.

Members of the Clinical Safety Advisory Board

Prof. Adriele Prina-Mello

Dr Luc Van

Eduardo Low Padilla

Olga Sánchez
Maroto Carrizo

Claudia Isabel

Dr. Maria Antònia Agustí