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TUE Continuous biomarker monitoring for patients in critical care.

TUE (Netherlands) 

TUE Continuous biomarker monitoring for patients in healthcare

BPM sensing technology (Biomarker monitoring based on Particle Mobility) for continuous monitoring in healthcare aims to be a game changer in the monitoring of patients in critical conditions.

Currently, blood tests are performed in centralized laboratories, but such tests have turn-around times of about a day, which is not optimal to manage serious conditions like inflammations and infections. An example is sepsis, a whole-body inflammation that affects 3 million patients per year (EU+USA) with 20-30% mortality and a survival chance that drops by 8% per hour.

Early warning of inflammation, the monitoring of drug treatment, and the monitoring of treatment effect would be strongly improved if a system would become available that continuously records biomarker and drug levels in a patient’s blood.

The pilot test case proposes the continuous and automatic monitoring of biomolecules for optimal patient care. The technology is based on particle mobility sensing at the nanoscale and microfluidic-based cartridges.

The proposers will benefit from OITB services and facilities to:

→ Further develop and test the BPM sensing technology

→ Develop roadmap for biomarkers/analyses and their validation, in collaboration with key opinion leaders inside and outside Europe.